Property Investment

If you’re looking at property investment in Australia, you’ll find hundreds of property investment mortgage products available in the market. Every property investment customer’s needs are different – at Fynergy our trained property investment mortgage brokers are qualified to guide you through the various mortgage options available to you. It’s all about mortgage product knowledge and professional service. That’s why at Fynergy we take the time to come to your place or somewhere convenient to you, and listen to your property investment needs.

Property Investing Has Changed

In the past it was more difficult to borrow for Investment Properties. The major banks required a 20% deposit and some evidence of financial prudence. Now, thanks to the influx of smaller lenders known as the non-banks, it’s possible to borrow more than the value of an asset. The trouble is choosing the best product and which lender will give the best service to meet your needs. You have a choice of low-doc, no-doc, full-doc, interest-only, honeymoon rate and more, with so many lenders available you should talk to your local Fynergy broker to consider your options. Obtaining a pre approved loan is a great start as you can be realistic in looking at property and also be seen as a serious buyer.

Pre Approved Loans

A Pre Approved loan is exactly that. It is completed like a formal loan with proof of income and deposit. While the general public may see most home loans as being similar there is a large variance in the policy requirement of each. For example, different ways to assess allowable income, net and gross, family assist, overtime, contract payments, rental income, depreciation etc can all give a different result to your application.

Even on deposits, some lenders see this as only cash in the bank where others will accept repayments of loans, assets in other investments, family loans etc as proof of savings. Knowing your exact position on these factors enables your local Fynergy mortgage broker the ability to help you choose the most suitable loan for your needs

“We do not charge you for our service,we are paid by the lender when your loan settles”

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