Superannuation is important for all Australians. No matter what stage of your life you’re at, investing in super as early as possible reaps the greatest rewards as your money works for you over time. Whether you have your superannuation invested in an industry, retail or self-managed super fund (SMSF), there are a number of strategies you can consider to boost your account balance and reduce tax. It’s amazing the difference a small annual contribution can make long term by significantly boosting your retirement nest egg. If you have ever had more than one job, it is likely you have more than one super account. Consolidating could make a real difference to your end balance, plus lower your fees. We will take the hassle out of moving your accounts into a super account that is suited to your profile. Fynergy Strategies has access to a range of super funds and superannuation solutions to help you achieve your goals and grow your wealth over time, so that when the time comes, your retirement plans will be easily realised. It’s important that you optimise your superannuation arrangements because for most people, superannuation will become a key asset in planning for retirement and achieving financial security. Contact us today to find out which superannuation option works for you, and how we can help you achieve your super goals faster.