Tailored, professional financial advice can help you make informed financial decisions and create long-term financial security for you and your family. A financial adviser can assist you with managing and meeting your short and long-term financial goals, from starting out in the workforce through to planning for retirement. Having a solid relationship with a Financial Adviser who understands your future plans, the associated risks and whether it’s life, or business insurance you need, will ensure that you are protected with the right insurance.

Fynergy can:

    • Give direction and meaning to your financial decisions;
    • Put a strategy in place to help build and protect your income and investments;
    • Assist you to plan for major changes in your personal circumstances, e.g, retirement
    • Help you understand the long-term effects of your financial decisions and help you monitor progress towards achieving your financial goals.

Fynergy Advisory services:

  • Strategic Financial Planning;
  • Personal Superannuation;
  • Employee Superannuation;
  • Family Superannuation Funds;
  • Self Managed Funds;
  • Investment Strategies;
  • Portfolio Administration;
  • Retirement Planning;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Salary Packaging;
  • Business Succession;
  • Risk Management;
  • Personal Insurance

Securities, Shares Equity

Fynergy provides advisory and dealing services in securities, shares and derivatives. Apart from offering buy or sell recommendations for a particular financial product, Fynergy also provides dealing services in numerous financial products pursuant to an individual agreement.

Each agreement will either provide the adviser with a mandate to either:

  • invest in particular financial products within an investment program with identified strategy or objectives; or
  • invest in a broad mandate where investment decisions are made independently of you.
  • We provide the option for either execution-only dealing or a professionally managed portfolio.
    We can build a portfolio to suit private client needs plus have the choice of professional management in all or part of your portfolio.

    Personalised Share Portfolios

    Private clients can invest in a portfolio of direct shares that you own, and we manage, giving you better control. These shares are customised for you to suit your investment needs.

    Professionally Managed Share Portfolios

    A professional managed share portfolio offers more choice of investments. Apart from transparency, portability, and increased flexibility, the defining feature of a professionally managed share portfolio provides your adviser with the authority to buy and sell securities either absolutely or subject to certain restrictions.

    Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA’s)

    Investment Methodology
    Fynergy will operate MDA’s on behalf of retail and wholesale private clients i.e. Fynergy will manage private client funds on a discretionary basis. Fynergy will have the authority to execute an order on behalf of an private client without the client’s prior consent.
    Fynergy investment strategy will be to invest primarily in securities and related derivative contracts (in particular options and warrants).
    Fynergy will seek to provide investors with capital growth over the medium and longer term. Although some income will be generated (such as dividends), the focus will be on investments offering the potential for capital gain and no minimum level of income will be taken into consideration.
    An active investment approach will be adopted. The derivative component will allow Fynergy to take long and/or short positions on behalf of the MDA. The investments will generally be restricted to the domestic stock-market – with particular focus on larger capitalised companies (i.e. in the top 300). Where a client authorises Fynergy, investments may also be made in international markets.
    Fynergy will use a combination of fundamental and technical research. Research will also be sourced from third parties. The intentions is to offer a strategy that is performance orientated (absolute return).

    Investment Process


  • will understand the risk profile of each private client and will only make investments within the risk level tolerances permitted by you;
  • will minimise the risk of loss of capital through the use of best practice risk management procedures and by operating at all times within the stated risk parameters;
  • will “rebalance” portfolios if and when required. Exposures will be checked against target portfolio positions and any rebalancing done is required to eliminate position drift;
  • will only trade in liquid markets;
  • will follow the investment objective i.e. to achieve capital growth predominately through exposure to domestic (and occasionally international) securities markets;
  • where deemed appropriate, will use hedging techniques to minimise market risk and currency risk;
  • will continuously monitor positions;
  • will perform scenario testing; and
  • will, every six months, conduct a comprehensive review of the performance of the MDAs

    • budgeting and managing your day to day finances
    • investing to save for a home, holiday, your children’s education and more
    • using super and investing to minimize tax
    • different types of personal insurance such as Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection and Business Expenses
    • ways to plan now for your retirement
    • benefits of building an investment portfolio using the equity you already have in a property to pay it off sooner.



      General forms:
      Financial Services Guide
      Personal Financial Profile

      Account opening forms:
      To open a share trading account